About us

Since its establishment in 1993, ALFA CONEX SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. has become a well-known participant in the domestic industrial and energy market. On the basis of highly skilled and experienced employees and a flexible structure of our company, we have proved our performance in various areas. We ensure a smooth and prompt implementation of projects through sophisticated solutions on a high qualitative level.


Close cooperation of ALFA CONEX SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. with ALFAKONTROL s.r.o. and TALOS s.r.o. will ensure a wide range of services rendered to our partners. ALFAKONTROL s.r.o. with a shareholding of ALFA CONEX SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. provides for solutions in the area of electronics and control of systems and machines, while TALOS s.r.o. provides for manufacture of machines and technical equipment.
Utilising their experience in Slovakia and abroad, employees of ALFAKONTROL s.r.o. have been, and are, able to manage even complex industrial systems and, based on the skeleton staff of former ZŤS Gemer spol. s r.o., employees of TALOS s.r.o. guarantee the high quality of products. 

Our Values


Since 1993, in compliance with the challenges of the period, our company has been gradually solving, based on our extensive knowledge, more complex tasks in various areas for our customers. Previous experience of our employees in the largest engineering company in Slovakia, Podpolianske strojárne Detva, state enterprise, represented a valuable support in our work.


Relationships of our company are based on mutual trust. On the basis of existing partner relationships, we maintain firm and mutually established partnerships with our customers.


On the basis of our new knowledge, our company offers innovative solutions of the task at hand. As extensive application of the so-called “green energy” as possible is of great importance to us in this area. As former developers, we uphold and, based on self-study and education, are a part of the innovations.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Based on the requirements and identified needs of our customers, our company develops solutions on the highest technical level known in the relevant area.

Our major partners include, for instance, U.S. STEEL Košice, s.r.o., the Czech company TENZA, a.s. and the major electric power producer in Slovakia.

Our company has been awarded the STN EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management certificate since 2006, successfully defending this certificate on an annual basis.

In 2013, we have implemented a management system corresponding to the EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.